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Brief introduction of PVC marble like extrusion line

PVC marble like production line can be used to produce PVC imitation marble slab. The production line is mainly composed of conical twin-screw extruder, film covering device, mold, traction machine, cutting machine, high-speed mixing unit, plastic crusher, pulverizer, etc.

Configuration and characteristics of PVC marble like extrusion line
The screw is designed with special mixing function and high plasticizing capacity.

The hanger die head adopts the design of double section flow with page number, which makes the thickness adjustment more accurate.

The temperature control of ± 1 ℃ can control the plasticizing process and the thickness and flatness of the plate.

The three roller calender adopts horizontal, vertical or 45 ° inclined type, which can be lifted and lowered freely.

The thickness of plate can be controlled by screw adjustment and press wheel bidirectional adjustment.

Independent control of roller temperature control system can control the temperature of roller barrel to make the plate thickness uniform.

Slicer, accurate length and quantity of plate.

Winding table device, using advanced torque motor, can adjust the speed and tension at will.

Equipped with automatic meter to set the product length.

Application scope of PVC imitation marble slab

No radiation, solid quality, fidelity to 99.5% of natural stone, anti penetration, anti-aging, self-cleaning, clear texture, no color difference, surface wearable, hardness up to 3H-6H, waterproof, fire resistant, high temperature, light weight, only the stone weight of 1/6, can effectively reduce wall load, fast construction, energy saving, consumption and durability, is an ideal substitute for natural stone.It can be widely used in hotel, hot spring, bath, KTV, coffee shop, airport, hospital, shopping mall, high-grade office building and other places of indoor and outdoor decoration.

Plate widthmm120015001600
plate thicknessmm1—81—81—20
traction speedm/min446
Extruder powerkw330340350
Auxiliary powerkw44.55
Heating powerkw7580100


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