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Brief introduction of PVC door and window profile production line


The production line of PVC door and window profile is mainly used for the processing of PVC door and window profile products. Equipped with different molds, it can produce plastic profile, door and window profile, container sealing strip, plate, bar, ceiling and other products. The production process is simple, high yield, stable quality and low cost.


Composition of PVC door and window profile production line

1. Extruder for profile production: single screw extruder is used to produce profile with granular materials. For products with small cross-sectional area, the model of extruder is generally determined according to the size of the product.

2. Profile head: the head is the main part of product forming. Its function is to continuously and evenly convert the cylindrical melt provided by the extruder into the parison with good plasticization and similar cross-section and geometric size of the channel, and then through other technological processes such as cooling and shaping, the profile products with good performance can be obtained;

3. Vacuum setting device: it uses indirect water cooling method to cool and shape the high-temperature molten profile extruded by the die. The vacuum setting sleeve is composed of two parts: the vacuum setting area and the cooling area with adsorption seam on the inner wall, and the two areas are alternate. Negative pressure is generated around the vacuum area, which makes the outer wall of the profile in close contact with the inner wall of the vacuum setting sleeve to ensure the profile cooling and shaping;


4. Traction device: crawler type traction device can be used. If the shape of rubber block on the track is consistent with the profile of traction profile, the traction effect will be better;

5. Cutting device: sawing, cutting and grinding. Such as circular saw cutting machine, cylinder type cutting machine, rotary cutting machine and grinding wheel type grinding machine.

  Model auxiliarySmall timber production line   ordinary production linhigh speed production linequasi high speed production line
Number of vacuum joints30304040
Length of setting table3000mm400mm4000/5000mm6000/8000mm
Maximum traction kn20304040
Maximum traction speed M / min8355
track width mm200240240240
Cooling water M32.5456
Gas consumption m3 / h8101215
Total power kw24.32733.534.5

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