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Introduction of PP pipe production line

The production line is composed of high-efficiency extruder, die head, cooling system, traction machine, cutting machine, turnover rack, control system, etc., and is equipped with a sign line extruder.The production line is unique in design, adopting BM separation type high efficiency screw, high degree of automation, convenient operation, continuous production, stable and reliable.The plastic gas pipe has the advantages of heat resistance, aging resistance, environmental stress resistance, cracking resistance and creep resistance, which is the first choice for Intercity gas pipeline.

Configuration and characteristics of PE pipe production line

1.PE pipe production line adopts high-efficiency extruder for special HDPE and PE pipe. The screw adopts the structure of barrier and mixing head, and the barrel adopts new slotted barrel, which has good plasticizing and mixing effect, large extrusion volume and very stable.

2.  PE pipe production line is a spiral die designed for HDPE and PE large diameter thick wall pipe. The die head has the characteristics of low melt temperature, good mixing performance, low cavity pressure and stable production.

3.  PE pipe production line adopts special technology of sizing and cooling system, water film lubrication and water ring cooling to meet the requirements of HDPE and PE materials, and ensure the stability of diameter and roundness of thick wall pipe in high-speed production.

4.  PE pipe production line adopts specially designed multi-stage vacuum sizing box to ensure dimensional stability and roundness of HDPE and PE pipes.The extruder and traction machine adopt imported famous brand speed governor to move and control, with good stability, high precision and high reliability.

5.  It adopts the professional PLC control system of Siemens company of Germany, 15 "large screen color touch human-machine interface, high degree of automation, reliable operation, simple operation, remote communication function, and can realize remote fault diagnosis and elimination.

Application scope of PE pipe extrusion line

PE water supply pipe is a kind of special polyethylene raw material, which is extruded by plastic extruder once. It is used in urban water supply network, irrigation water diversion project and agricultural sprinkler irrigation project, especially suitable for acid-base and corrosion-resistant plastic pipe.Widely used in highway, municipal construction, residential areas, sports grounds, squares, mines, agriculture, culverts, bridges and other fields of drainage, sewage pipeline.

PE pipe production line parameters:

Main extruderSJ-50*33SJ-65*33SJ-65*33SJ-80*33SJ-90*33SJ-100*33SJ-120*33
 Pipe dia. (mm)Φ16-Φ75Φ63-Φ160Φ90-Φ250Φ200-Φ400Φ280-Φ500Φ350-Φ630Φ500-Φ800
Output (kg/h)1502503005007509001200
Production speed (m/min)1-160.5-120.2-40.2-20.1-1.50.06-1.50.05-1
nstalled power (kw)80150200260360430600

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