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Brief introduction of PSP steel plastic composite pipe production line

PSP steel plastic composite pipe production line is mainly composed of single screw extruder, molding mold, soaking cooling water tank, belt traction machine and finished product inspection and packaging.


Configuration and characteristics of PSP steel plastic composite pipe production line

1. The PSP steel plastic composite pipe has advanced equipment performance and scientific and reasonable process flow. It has creatively developed large diameter metal pipe thin-wall passive forming technology, long flow channel coextrusion technology, metal precision composite process and unique necking system. Its technology is at the leading level in China.

2. It used the latest inner tube co extrusion one-time molding process to produce PSP steel plastic composite pipe completely overcomes the shortcomings of the conventional production process, makes the composite bond strength of the pipe more stable, and thoroughly solves the delamination cracking phenomenon in the use of the pipe, and the quality is more stable, meeting the higher market demand.


Application scope of PSP steel plastic composite pipe extrusion production line
The production line is mainly used to produce steel plastic composite pipe and other composite pipe materials, and the outer surface of the steel pipe is coated with plastic. The composite pipe produced is widely used in various decorative pipes such as interior decoration, decoration, curtain guide rod, coat hanger, flag pole, etc.

Compared with the plastic pipe, PSP steel plastic composite pipe has the characteristics of high pressure bearing and strong impact resistance; the plastic inside and outside layer plays an anti-corrosion role, with smooth inner wall, chemical corrosion resistance, no pollution, low fluid resistance, no scaling, no microorganism, and no secondary pollution of the fluid. The service life is up to 50 years.The pipe overcomes the defects of steel pipe such as easy corrosion, pollution, bulkiness, short service life, low strength, large expansion and easy deformation of plastic pipe, and has the common advantages of steel pipe and plastic pipe, such as good oxygen isolation, high rigidity and high strength, easy detection of buried pipe, etc.

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