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Product Advantages

Performance characteristics of single screw extruder:

◆High output and low energy consumption;

◆Screw geometric parameters, reasonable design, different raw materials, different products, screw has different length to diameter ratio and structure, to meet the needs of different customers;

◆The heating section of the barrel has two structures: grooved and smooth section to meet the needs of different raw materials;

◆The screw and barrel are made of high-performance alloy steel, which has the advantages of wear resistance, corrosion resistance and high strength;

◆The whole machine has compact and reasonable design, convenient operation and simple maintenance.


Product Introduction

Application scope of single screw extruder:

SJ series single screw extruder is suitable for PP-R pipe, PE gas pipe, PEX cross-linked pipe, aluminum-plastic composite pipe, ABS pipe, PVC pipe, HDPE silicon core pipe and various thermoplastic pipes, plates, sheets , Bar, profile and plastic granulation products processing. For different raw materials and product specifications, the screw adopts different length-diameter ratio and compression ratio, and the barrel adopts different structures. Choose the appropriate barrel, screw and drive mechanism to meet the processing needs of high-quality products.

Name Unit SJ45SJ50SJ65SJ90SJ100SJ120
螺杆直径(screw's diameter)mm45506590100120
螺杆数量(scerew quality)111111
挤出量(extruding output)kg/h3060100200300500
中心高(Central height)mm100010001000110011001100

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