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Introduction of Plastic Sheet Extrusion Line

PMMA acrylic sheet production line can continuously produce PP, PE, ABS, PMMA, PC, PS, PVC single-layer and multi-layer sheet products. The width of the plate is below 3000mm, and the thickness is 0.15-50mm.

Composition of plastic sheet extrusion line


According to different materials, single-screw extruder (exhaust or non-exhaust) is selected. The screw adopts special mixing function and precise temperature control system to ensure high plasticization, high output and stable extrusion of plastics.

The temperature control ±1 ℃ can accurately control the plasticizing process and the thickness of the plate, and the flattening.

Screen changer and mold: The hydraulic quick screen changer ensures that the screen does not leak, and the screen change is fast and effective; molds can be selected according to different materials and different structures. The coat hanger-type die adopts a double throttling design with pages to facilitate adjustment of uniform flow distribution , The thickness adjustment of extruded sheet is more precise.

Three-roll calender: According to the thickness of the plate, a 45° inclined three-roller or vertical three-roller or horizontal three-roller calender is adopted. The temperature control of the three rolls is independent of each other, the roll gap can be adjusted freely, and the angle of the middle roll can be adjusted. Design to ensure the calendering effect and the thickness uniformity of the board (sheet) material.

The plate thickness control adopts screw adjustment and two-way adjustment of the pressing wheel to accurately control the plate thickness. The independently controlled roller temperature control system can accurately control the temperature of the pressure roller to make the thickness of the sheet even.

Cooling roller bracket:

Equipped with the corresponding cooling guide roller to make the cooling effect better. It is also equipped with a trimming device to ensure the quality of the width and edge of the board.

Horizontal cutting machine:

It is used for cutting to length with a cutting accuracy of less than 2mm. It adopts alloy blade or hard alloy saw blade, which is synchronized with the plate when cutting, so as to ensure the quality of the cut surface of the plate and the long-term stable cutting action.

Winding machine: adopts high-torque motor, friction winding, speed and winding tension can be adjusted at will, and other forms of winding can also be provided according to user needs.

PMMA sheet (acrylic sheet/GPPS sheet)

Uses: Widely used in instruments, instrument parts, lamps, decoration, building materials, airplanes, auto parts, medical equipment, craft products, electrical insulation materials, specimens, signs, and various light industry, culture, education, and daily necessities.

Output parameters of plastic sheet extrusion line

Max plate’s width150150150150
traction high180240300600
traction speed0-50-50-50-3
Auxiliary power35353030
Compressed air pressure0.

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