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Brief introduction of PVC hollow lattice plate extrusion line

PVCHollow lattice board production lineIt is mainly used for continuous production of PVC hollow grid plate. The whole production line mainly consists of single screw extruder, hydraulic screen changer, mould, setting machine, primary traction machine, cooling bracket, secondary traction machine, cross cutting machine and conveyor

Configuration and characteristics of PVC hollow lattice plate extrusion line

 Extruder of PVC hollow grid plate production line: special design of screw and excellent temperature control system ensure good plasticization of plastics and stable extrusion of high yield.Screen changer of PVC hollow grid plate production line: the hydraulic quick screen changing device is selected to make the screen change process fast and effective; the double position and special sealing structure ensure the stable operation of the screen changer.Mould of PVC hollow lattice plate production line: the die is made of x-quality alloy steel, with high activity throttling device, which makes the material flow distribution pressure uniform in the die; the differential adjustment of upper and lower die ensures the uniformity of upper and lower wall thickness.

Vacuum setting table of PVC hollow grid plate production line: there is a rapid heat exchange refrigeration system in the sizing system, which is interleaved with the vacuum system effectively and orderly distributed, which ensures the sizing accuracy.The traction machine of PVC hollow grid plate production line: the tractor is of high-power, high reduction ratio and multi roller type, with excellent low-speed operation performance and large traction force, which can simultaneously and evenly pull the plate out of the vacuum setting table.

Application scope of PVC hollow lattice board

Industrial product packaging turnover.

Electronic components packaging turnover box, plastic parts turnover box, box partition knife card, anti-static hollow plate turnover box, conductive hollow plate turnover box.

Luggage and handbag pallet.Luggage lining board, luggage backing plate and partition board.Bottle and can industry.

Glass bottle factory base plate, bottle holder, can product clapboard, can holder, base plate.

Machinery industry.Cushion plate of machine.Advertising industry.

PP hollow board display box, display shelf, advertising board, corona board.Home decoration.Ceiling, grille, toilet partition.

Furniture industry.Tea table pad, furniture decorative board.Agriculture.All kinds of fruit box, vegetable packing box, pesticide packing box, food packing box, beverage packing box, greenhouse roof.

Sports products.Intelligent blackboard, file bag.

Automotive industry.Steering wheel pad, rear bulkhead and backing plate.

Electrical industry.Back plate and partition board of refrigerator and washing machine.

Baby Care.Baby carriage pad, children's intelligent hurdle.


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