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Product Advantages

Conical twin-screw barrel extruder is an efficient mixing and extrusion equipment. It has the characteristics of small shear rate, difficult decomposition of materials, uniform plasticizing and mixing, stable quality, high yield, wide application range and long service life. Equipped with different molds and auxiliary machines, it can produce all kinds of plastic pipes, profiles, plates, sheets, bars and granulation.


Product Introduction

Performance characteristics of conical twin-screw barrel extruder:

The barrel is cooled by a specially designed air cooling system, which has the advantages of convenient maintenance;

According to the requirements of different formulations, the screw with the most reasonable structure is configured to achieve the best plasticizing effect and logistics quality;

The drive motor, reducer and screw center form a line,which is easy to maintain;

The distribution box is specially designed, the thrust bearing is extra large, the bearing is imported with original packaging, the transmission life is long, and it can bear more extrusion pressure;

It is equipped with forced feeding system to make the speed of blanking and extrusion uniform. 

Screw diametermm51/10555/12065/13280/15692/188
Motor powerkw18.522/303755/7590/110
Number of screws22222
Screw torqueN61007200103001430032800
Extrusion amountkg/h150180280480650
Central heightmm10001000100011001100

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