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Applicable scope of pipe production line:

PE PPR ABS PVC PEX Aluminum-plastic composite PP pipe Water supply pipe Drain pipe Threading pipe Electrician pipe Corrugated pipe

Use of pipe production line:

It is mainly used to produce pipe production lines using PPR (random copolymer polypropylene) resin as raw material, and it is also suitable for pipe production using PP, PPB, PPC, and PE resin as raw materials. PPR pipe production line process: raw material + color masterbatch → mixing → vacuum feeding → raw material drying → single screw extruder → color line extruder → spiral mold → sizing sleeve → spray vacuum setting box → spray cooling water tank → Inkjet printer → Crawler tractor → Finished product inspection and packaging

Qingdao Kunlun Haisu specializes in the production of various plastic pipe production lines, sheet production lines, and profile production lines, with stable product quality and efficient production. The products are sold at home and abroad.

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