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Introduction of PPR pipe production line

PPR pipe production line is composed of feeding machine, dryer, single screw extruder, color line extruder, spiral die, sizing sleeve, spray vacuum setting box, spray cooling water tank, inkjet printer, crawler tractor and finished product inspection and packaging.PPR pipe production equipment is a new product successfully developed by our company by introducing and absorbing foreign advanced technology.


Configuration and characteristics of PPR pipe production line

1.  Its screw and head are designed according to the characteristics of pp-r.

2.  The control appliance adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, and the main electrical components are high quality products.

3.  The whole production line has the characteristics of high output, stable quality and small product error. It is a high-quality equipment in today's plastic machinery industry.

4.  At the same time, the production line can adapt to the production of PPR, PE cross-linked pipe and polyolefin products.

5.  The company can provide process formula and turnkey project.


Application scope of PPR pipe extrusion line

PP-R pipe has the advantages of non-toxic, sanitary, heat-resistant, good thermal insulation, simple and convenient welding process, and can be recycled.PPR pipes are mainly used in residential water supply system, industrial water transportation and compressed air transportation.

Main technical parameters of PPR pipe production line:

 Main extruderSJ-50*33SJ-65*33SJ-65*33SJ-80*33SJ-90*33SJ-100*33SJ-120*33
 Pipe dia. (mm)Φ16-Φ75Φ63-Φ160Φ90-Φ250Φ200-Φ400Φ280-Φ500Φ350-Φ630Φ500-Φ800
 Output (kg/h)1502503005007509001200
 Production speed (m/min)1-160.5-120.2-40.2-20.1-1.50.06-1.50.05-1
 nstalled power (kw)80150200260360430600

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