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Product Advantages

Rewinding of aluminum-plastic composite pipes, PPR pipes, PE pipes, small hoses and other pipe materials. It is mainly used in conjunction with the pipe production line produced by our factory to form a complete production line. It is generally installed in the back process of the tractor, so that after the forming tube is drawn, it is directly wound and packaged to avoid the confusion caused by the winding.

Product Introduction

The winder includes a friction roller and an air lift shaft arranged in parallel, as well as a pressure mechanism for the pressure mechanism. The gas lift shaft is close to or far from the friction roller. The diameter of the current winder roller can be changed by a small diameter roller to realize the roller Rapid change, by providing a temporary storage mechanism for the support roll and a feed mechanism for the support roll, the automatic steel strip winder can be placed in the temporary storage mechanism for the preparation roll.

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