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Kunlun Marine Plastic News Morning Post


Kunlun Marine Plastic News Morning Post 

Average temperature :25℃ lowest :24℃ highest :29℃.

1: if apple globally banned WeChat iPhone annual shipment or drop 30%

2: Buy or closed ?The two had a big fight over TikTok in front of Trump

3: Meituan ban alipay, hard bar ali!Behind is Tencent Ali dark war

4: Founder Bill Gates talks about Microsoft buying TikTok

5:3 years user break 100 million but be banned!The TikTok Ice and fire Adventure in America

6. Clarification by research institutions: only a small amount of base variation occurred in the Japanese epidemic strain

7: US tech giants oppose India's plan to require data sharing

8: Comment: "housing is not speculation" is a strong guarantee to achieve science and technology power

9: The US Military Background Company was found to have embedded tracking software in more than 500 apps

10: Bill Gates scolds US for taking too long to test coronas, saying it's 'total rubbish'

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